Tinapayan Festival
Every Bread has its story.

Tinapayan Festival & Lucito "Chito" B. Chavez. The story and it's beginnings.

Serving the Filipino community with soft and sweet baked goods since 1982, Tinapayan Festival Bakeshoppe was built by Lucito “Chito” B. Chavez who hails from the “Home of the Bakers,” Cuenca, Batangas. Tinapayan has seen the importance of bread in the daily life and culture of Filipinos. As “The House of Bread”, it serves products fit for every occasion, whether it may be for breakfast, a birthday party or a town celebration.

Tinapayan prides itself of cheesy loaf, ensaymada and cheese roll, which the Filipino taste buds have patronized through the years. It also pioneered the use of agricultural crops, such as squash, sweet potato, and cassava, in its bread products. With its nationalistic approach in baking, it seeks to lead the promotion of the use of agricultural crops and the identity of the Filipino baking industry in the international arena through the enduring legacy of Tinapayan Festival Bakeshoppe.

Category of Available Products

The best and nothing else from Tinapayan Festival.


Tinapayan Festival serves Filipino variations of white bread perfect for sharing with your family and friends.


The ultimate celebratory desserts in the sweetest and most tropical flavor fit for every occasion.


With dough of flour, water and shortening, Tinapayan Festival crafts sweetened pastries with a Filipino touch.


Tinapayan Festival’s premium bread are baked only with the finest, all-natural ingredients.

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The House of Bread. The House from where it begins.

“But what I do have is only passion, my dedication, my love for the food industry and baking.”

- Lucito "Chito" Chavez

More than 30 years have passed since the young baker Chito Chavez went to Manila and built the community bakeshop we now know as Tinapayan Festival. Just as this humble bakery embodied Chavez’s passion and mission in the baking industry, Tinapayan Festival continues to serve soft, sweet and healthy Filipino bread products not just in the country but soon, to the global market.

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Our Consumer's Review

Who are induldge with our products.

Masarap, the Best Silvanas! Babalik-balikan!

Hindi ako uuwi ng di dumadaan sa Tinapayan. Hot Dog Roll ng Tinapayan ang aking snack habang nag-aaral!

Ang sarap nung mga tinapayan nila! Malambot at malasa, ubos kagad!

Okay dito! Masarap na 'tas sulit pa sa Budget!

Andito na 'to simula pa noong bata ako. Lagi kami dumadaan dito ng pamilya ko! Masarap ang mga produkto!

Panalo ang mga tinapay nila dito. Kahit ano ang bilhin mo, siguradong 'di ka talo!

Masarap ang mga tinapay! Maganda ba ang serbisyo ng mga nag bebenta! The best!

Kumpleto dito! May cakes na 'tas sobrang sarap pa ng mga tinapay! Dito na kami lagi bumibili ng asawa ko!

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Panaderya levels up

Our barrio’s very reliable alarm clock was the honking from our neighborhood panaderya’s bicycle at dawn, announcing that the first batch of the day’s pandesal was ready. The biker knew exactly how many pieces of pandesal each family had ordered.

Good Cheers with Tinapayan Festival

Good cheers all-year long—that’s what Tinapayan Festival offers us with every bite. This peculiar experience is served with the finest ingredients and heartfelt passion that left you with no option but to love it.

Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

They have a wide selection of products that are ideal gifts, from Basic Bread to special pastries like the Traditional Fruit Cake in different sizes, Christmas Themed Cookies, Brownies and Bars, and Rolls, you don't need to think about wrapping it because like what I've said, the goodies are already in a Colorful Holiday Themed Packaging.